February 23, 2012


S.O.U.L.FUL Living is Mindful Living – Its All About Energy!

Nicoa Dunne

President & Chief Relationship Rover at Roving Coach International Managing Partner, Holland Archer, Inc.
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
Professional Somatic and Ontological Coach


Press 102
102 South 2nd St.


Nicoa DunneJoin Nicoa Dunne as she ENERGIZES the room with her ENERGETIC style on the topic of ENERGY LEADERSHIP! Find out what the SEVEN LEVELS of ENERGY are all about and take away a new understanding of YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a leader, as a peer, as an employee, as a mother, as a spouse, as a friend when it comes to managing your own ENERGY and living your life from within, from your S.O.U.L.!

Oprah even said it during her OWN Network Life Class “You are responsible for the ENERGY you bring into the room.” See how this concept and how understanding this new language of “self-awareness” can help you create a greater sense of peace in your life – S.O.U.L.ful living is Mindful Living that begins with YOU!

Nicoa never disappoints, so come ready to interact and self-reflect and you will walk away with a much greater sense of how YOUR ENERGY is affecting YOUR LIFE and those around YOU! Nicoa is a certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELIMP) and professional somatic and ontological coach. Her mission in life is to help people help themselves and there is no doubt you will benefit from interacting with her at this event! Get ready to be ENERGIZED!

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